The 10 Happiest Jobs in 2015

By July 1, 2015For Talent

Who would you say, out of everyone you know, are the happiest in their jobs? Do they feature on this list below of the 10 happiest jobs for 2015?

I was surprised myself by some of the results, but I guess that I immediately thought the happiest were going to be the rich and famous.  Then I discovered the survey actually left out the “high-gratification” roles, (sports stars, musicians etc.) and focused on us normal, non-red carpet folk.  To get this list of the 10 happiest jobs out there, over 25,000 people took part in a survey that looked into job satisfaction levels. Different elements were considered in the survey like the type of management, support offered, co-workers relationships, rewards, the company’s culture and the working week or daily structure.

Fancy getting in on some of this happy job action? Lucky for you some of the Brands on Jobbio are hiring for these positions (titles in blue).

The 10 Happiest Jobs in 2015

1. School Principal

This one surprised us. Maybe it’s the holidays. Or maybe it’s the rewarding nature often attached to professions in education. I honestly don’t think I ever saw my old principal with a smile on her face, but maybe it was just a scare tactic to keep us in line.

2. Executive Chef open positions on Jobbio 

Personally I don’t think a Gordon Ramsay type shouting in my face would be very pleasant, but there must be a lot of job satisfaction in it. I suppose I would be delighted if I got to eat delicious food all day – a common misconception I know but I can’t help thinking it!


3. Loan officer/Mortgage Loan Originator – open positions on Jobbio

I can see how there might be some satisfaction in helping others attain dream houses, just don’t mention the interest rates.

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4. Automation Engineer

Not a car engineer, just in case thats what you were thinking. Not because I was or anything. Automation engineers design, create, develop and manage systems like the automation of a factory to make it more effective.

5. Research Assistant – open positions on Jobbio

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6. Oracle Database Administrator

7. Website Administrator

8. Business Development Executive – open positions on Jobbio

Exciting stuff being the driving force behind a business – I’m pretty sure it pays well too.

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9. Senior Software Engineer – open positions on Jobbio

I know a lot of these guys and gals are definitely paid well. Cha-ching!

software engineer

10. Systems Developer – open positions on Jobbio

Software Engineer

I know that money can’t buy you happiness – but the money you earn, from the job where you’re happy, would just be an extra bonus really, wouldn’t it? An even balance between passion and pay check is where I imagine my happy job/place to be. After all, around 99,171 hours of your life are spent at work, so you’d kinda want to like what you’re doing don’t you think?

So there you have it, time to pack it all in and head back to school.

This list is from a survey carried out by career bliss in the US.

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