The Millennial Jobseeker: Technology That Captures, Connects, and Manages Talent. [WEBINAR]

By July 2, 2015For Companies

Laurence Sangarde-Brown, Head of Jobbio UK, conducted this webinar on
The Millennial Jobseeker: Technology that captures, connects, and manages talent.

Webinar Synopsis 

I will explore how technology has fundamentally altered the jobseeker landscape for the younger demographic (Generation X, Y and Z). I will also touch on the capabilities of today’s online and mobile models to help save time and cut recruitment costs while maintaining a high calibre of Talent. Below is a quick flavour of what I will be covering during the webinar, if there are any other areas you would like me to discuss please drop me an email here.

Key questions addressed:

How is the Millennial Jobseeker different to predecessors?

They are considered the most interconnected and technologically friendly generation in the workforce, always communicating with others and instantly accessing information. The Millennial Jobseeker is always switched on. A Work/Life Balance is an illusion due to the far reaching tentacles of technology checking emails at home, on the commute, over the weekend but they are largely happy to do it. However by giving more of their life to work they expect more from the Brands they work for (i.e. trust, flexible hours, lunch, culture, office space, etc.).

How do you use new channels to engage talent?

The Millennial Jobseeker is social. Provide the opportunity for them to be themselves. Millennials are using all platforms available to market and sell their own brand. They want to showcase more than a linear or static version of who they are. They want dynamic interfaces.

Laurence SB

Are there better ways to present, connect and engage?

I will be discussing how Brands are leading the charge by allowing Talent to connect when and wherever, with the latest technology. Millennials are always hunting for their next challenge. They are not passive. To attract Talent, Brands must provide the ability to apply instantly. This means Mobile application and not just search!

How to stop wasting time and money on irrelevant applications

Irrelevant applications are part and parcel of hiring. Once you accept that it is inevitable, you can focus on managing the problem. With Jobbio, you only accept who is relevant to you meaning that minimal time or focus is spent on those who are not. This is done by presenting the right information from a candidate, so a quick and easy decision can be made.

Once connected, how do I ensure I utilise the information?

New online networking models enable Brands to convert fixed/stagnant information (paper CVs and application forms), into a ‘live’ Talent pool. No more storing out of date data on your applicants. Stay connected by watching your Talent pool progress and develop over time.

Where does mobile fit in the hiring process?

This is where the real opportunity lies. Mobile now represents more than 50% of job search, but not a job application. The trick is being able to receive mobile applications in a way that can be stored and managed easily.

How can I move from paper application to digital?

Shift the mindset. Paper is a thing of the past. Everything has a digital solution. Your current applicants who left college this year were just 10 when Facebook was invented. Digital solutions are everywhere.

Speaker Bio

Laurence has worked within the technology and startup space for the last 5 years. Beginning as the 1st hire in a London based collaborative consumption marketplace, where he headed up operations and growth. Then, as an associate in a corporate finance house, specialising in technology, internet, media and entertainment. While here, he worked under the top digital marketing author, Damian Ryan and was part of the team that wrote ‘Understanding Social Media: How to Create a Plan for Your Business that Works’. Prior to working with startups, Laurence worked in advertising and studied Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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