“We needed something radically different,” Neuxpower’s Jobbio experience

Neuxpower joined Jobbio in November 2015. Soon after, the company welcomed a new Digital Marketing Executive, who has applied through Jobbio. Andy Dargon, the Chief Operating Officer, tells the story behind their new hire.

How has your story with Neuxpower started?

It started, like so many great things, in the pub over a beer with Mike Power (Neuxpower’s CEO). I was introduced to Mike as a customer and within a month we were working together. From a customer perspective, I knew how great the product was – it just works.

Since joining the team in 2009, we have continued to grow and developed simple and effective software solutions that we are all proud of.


“With us it’s all about the customers, we aim to over deliver on everything,” Andy Dargon, Neuxpower’s Chief Operating Officer

What is the product you offer and how does it stand out in the market?

Our software is for file optimization, put simply – we shrink files that other people can’t. With us it’s all about the customers, we aim to over deliver on everything and, as a result, we have fantastic relationships with our clients.

This has helped us reach 2.5 million users including brands like Nike, Disney and IBM. We build software that is tested and trusted by the UK, US, Canadian and Australian militaries; it’s simple and reliable and our customers appreciate that.

Tell us about your Jobbio experience. What made you turn to Jobbio?

Honestly, we’ve been rubbish at hiring. We’ve tried headhunters, paid advertisement but it only cost us without bringing desired results, i.e. talent we needed. That’s when we started looking for something new. We needed something radically different and I am happy to say we discovered Jobbio in the right time.

We were looking to fill our digital marketing executive position – a vital role within our compact team. So it was about finding the right person who would fit into the team. Identifying such a person is way harder when you can’t represent your team and the position properly. Thus, Jobbio’s bio was perfect for explaining what Neuxpower does and whom do we need for our position.

Andy Dargon with Neuxpower's new hire, digital marketing executive Paul Clerkin

Andy Dargon with Neuxpower’s new hire, digital marketing executive Paul Clerkin

How different was the selection process in comparison to what you have tried in the past?

We received quite some applications on Jobbio. Bios differ from CVs. For me, it’s about feeling the right candidate, and that’s near to impossible by reviewing a paper CV. Bio makes the candidate more personalised.

It gives someone like me an opportunity to see different sides of the person and evaluate not his/her merely professional skills, but also personal style and features. The latter makes a good team member and eventually decides how right was your choice. This is exactly how we hired our Digital Marketing Executive.

What was the most useful feature while using Jobbio?

For us, it was important to eventually have a system through which we can hire effectively. To have it all in one place. It is like having a clear plan that functions properly. Having Bio of our company LIVE makes it easier to quickly share information about ourselves and also update it at any point.

What is your top tip for anyone trying to find the best-fit person for their team?

Get clear on the role. Don’t just regurgitate a job description from the previous employee or borrow it from someone else. Think about the reasons behind why you are hiring and what the role needs to be before you go out and actively look.

Where are you based and what is the easiest way of contacting you?

Currently, we are based in WeWork Spitalfields, a great co-working space providing outstanding facilities combined with a perfect space for networking. We are very happy with our location which is in the heart of London’s tech scene.


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