5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired

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Job hunting ain’t an easy journey. It takes energy and time, sometimes leaving us with a bitter taste of disappointment: they didn’t call back or reply to your application. Consider reviewing what have you done to get your dream job and identify the reasons behind radio silence you are facing. The temptation to turn to and embrace the “I am out of luck” excuse is high but it won’t help you move forward. Here’s five reasons you are not getting hired.

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Tailor Your Application

You won’t get too far without properly understanding why are you applying to a certain position. If you want your application to be relevant, tailor it to the role you are applying for. Nick Larkins, Head of Talent at Hire Space, says “understanding how to communicate your skills in the context of the specific role is key.” Tailoring your application means emphasizing qualities you know the employer is seeking for and making sure the summary of your application doesn’t contain irrelevant/outdated experiences and skills.

Be Proactive

Instead of being at the mercy of whatever comes up, pick companies and jobs you are interested in. Hoping that a good job comes your way through the job boards or recruiters is hardly a strategy that will benefit your career. Invest time in building and leveraging your network. Put yourself out in front of the hiring managers. Partner at Founder Centric, a grassroots startup school, Devin Hunt says “You are on fire,” so make sure you use your time efficiently.

“You need to find a way to bring your talents to bear as early as possible”

Provide Upfront Value

Just telling an employer what your value is not enough – prove it! “Getting hired really isn’t very hard if you can demonstrate your worth before even entering the interview,” says Danny Lowney, Managing Director at Sixteenth Talent.

Do Your Research

Failing to research will considerably lower your chances to be hired. “While skills and attitude are important, not being armed with the key information in an interview shows a real lack of initiative and interest in a company and is an immediate red flag,” says Luke McCormick, founder and CEO at Edge Retreats

Lack of Passion

Do you still believe your education and previous work experience only can land you a new job? If you are not excited about the role you are applying for simply don’t do it. Simon Riley, founder and CEO at MakerClub, one of the 50 most creative companies in the UK, puts it bluntly, “you don’t get hired because you’re not passionate enough about the job.”


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