“Test Your Limits, Aim High”: What It’s Like To Work at Epsilon

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Understanding people is at the heart of what Epsilon does. A full-service marketing agency with a 15-year heritage combines data, creativity, and technology to deliver campaigns that have turned heads more than once. Creativity alone is unlikely to help your business succeed, thus Epsilon chose a smart combination of technology and big data analysis to back every inspiring idea with factual proof. With a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, the team at Epsilon UK is looking to reach new frontiers. We met Senior Vice President, GM at Epsilon UK Emile Charbine to find out more about the opportunities they offer. 

In the past few years, Epsilon has enjoyed considerable growth. How was the company’s vision being shaped throughout this period and has it changed over the years?

EmileEpsilon has evolved greatly over the past few years, to encompass data, technology, creative, strategy, analytics, and digital media. We’ve gained all of the pieces of the puzzle to move into a unique position, to see things that other agencies don’t. At the heart of our vision is the desire to help our clients solve the toughest marketing challenges out there, to find ways to truly connect and converse with consumers.

Epsilon is one of the biggest and strongest players in the market. You offer your clients “data-driven creativity”. How exactly do you combine data with creativity without undermining either of them?

Creativity is all about the ‘big idea’, that nugget of inspiration, that beautiful and effective expression of a message. We live and breathe creativity. But we know that it’s so much more powerful when it’s backed up by knowledge. Our access to data and insights help us make sure that what we have to say is targeted and tailored to who we’re talking to. Big data unlocks big ideas, as it opens to us the rich insights that enable us to create highly effective, head-turning marketing for our clients.

What have been some of the biggest campaigns your company has powered so far?

We work with a wide variety of clients and across a number of different agencies with great success. But we’re most proud of the customer lifecycle marketing we’ve done for Google, Dell and JLR. The customer journeys we’ve created have led to more targeted communications, a better user experience and ultimately improved ROI.

You will be helping to get London moving. Tell us more about the new big data project you have been appointed to carry out with London Sport.

London Sport has engaged us to deliver a groundbreaking big data project to help get 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020. This effort will see us bringing together a number of different sources of data to gain a deeper understanding of the lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviours of Londoners. We know that technology plays such a key role in how people engage with activity and sport. So we’ll be looking for more sophisticated technological strategies to enable the sector to get people active.

How do you boost your employees’ creativity? How important is it for your company culture?

Creativity is at the heart of what we do as an agency, so it’s really important for us to create a culture that encourages inspiration, artistry, and imagination. Our studio of writers, designers, and art directors help to foster a creative spirit throughout the company. But we also believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, so we encourage free thinking and collaboration to create truly innovative solutions. To boost our staff’s creativity, we encourage participation in creative conferences, cultural events and sharing inspirational ideas across our global offices.


You are currently hiring for a number of roles in the UK. What’s it like to be part of the Epsilon team? What should anyone willing to join you consider first and foremost?

Being a part of the Epsilon team means having the freedom to be yourself, to test your limits, to aim high. We celebrate the talents in each employee and believe in giving everyone the chance to develop their skills, in work and with training. Our offices are fun places to be, where people enjoy sharing ideas, conversations, and creativity.

We look for smart, savvy people who think big, love change and are happy in a fast-paced environment.

Epsilon has already gathered a number of trophies (e.g. AdAge Datacenter ranks Epsilon among the top marketing services firms and Direct Marketing agencies for several years). What’s the next goal?

Let’s start by clarifying that our goal is not to collect trophies: our aim is to deliver the best, most strategic thinking and innovative products to our clients. That said, we’re always delighted and honored to get recognised by our industry. We believe in investing in our people, and we’re more proud of our vibrant, talented and happy workforce than any accolade.


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