You + Startup Open House = Dream Job: A Guide For Talent

By September 20, 2016For Talent

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, are you ready to visit your favourite startups and get a behind the scenes look at where disruptive ideas are born? We have good news for you, not only can you join them on the night, Thursday 22nd, but you can also connect with them and apply for their roles online before meeting them!

To make the match, You + Startup Open House = Dream Job, hassle-free and enjoyable, some of the most exciting startups in Canada have built Jobbio Bios in order to show you all they’ve got. What is a Bio? Culture is woven into the fabric of the startup community and the Bio is the startup’s unique career page where it can showcase its culture, mission and vision. All that’s left for you to do is create your own Bio on Jobbio so you can easily connect with your startups of choice and/or apply to open roles.


Visit Startup Open House to register for the event.


Build your Bio on Jobbio

The days of the dull, paper resumes are gone. Capture your potential employer’s attention by presenting an online resume that showcases what makes you special in full colour! Show your video or photo work, add portfolios and social media feeds, customise your profile to show your personality. Don’t have time to redo your resume and build your Bio? Don’t fret! We offer resume parsing, so just upload it onto Jobbio and our smart technology will breathe life into it by making it digital. Once you are setup and ready for the next steps, download the Jobbio app with a map functionality and build your path to the startups you are most interested in visiting on the night.

Connect with the startups

Search for startups you are interested in and see if their culture and mission resonates with your own plans for the future. Currently employed but looking for opportunities passively? Don’t worry, your Bio on Jobbio is fully private so once you connect with a startup it’s only two parties that will know about it: you and the startup. Connecting with a startup is a good idea even if it is not hiring at the moment. Companies on Jobbio can build a Talent pool, therefore once you’re connected they can keep an eye on your progression with your live Bio and reach out to you when they have the perfect opportunity for you!

Baptiste LagetLead Software Engineer at Octhuber startup told us he likes:

“The Connect feature: as a startup, we do not open a lot of roles at one time, but this feature allows us to keep an eye on interesting profiles […] We’re looking for a full-time Full Stack Developer in Montreal, but we welcome and encourage any Talent to submit their resume – as I mentioned, we like to keep an eye on awesome candidates out there!” he added.

Apply instantly

There’s nothing easier on Jobbio than applying for a job. All you have to do is ensure your Bio is up-to-date to showcase your relevant experience, education and of course, your stellar personality. After that all it takes is a ‘click’ to apply. 

Get prepared ahead of Thursday. Discover Startup Open House jobs all in one place.

Dream Job

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun, like we did last year!

Dream Job


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