5 Reasons Why Careers Events Still Matter

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Let’s face it: careers events have the reputation of being boring, naff, and unfruitful. You probably think that they are reserved for stuffy corporates and students looking for freebies, right? Wrong. Whether you’re a series A startup or large public company, careers events should still be a valuable part of your recruitment strategy. Here’s why careers events still matter.

5 Reasons Why Careers Events Still Matter


march20171. Access a high volume of relevant candidates

Within a span of a few hours, you’re likely to be talking to hundreds of interested candidates and active job-seekers. For Companies with limited time and resources, this is an incredibly efficient way of sourcing new Talent.

For example, leading the charge against “boring” careers events is newcomer EXPAND London, which connects tech Companies and startups with ambitious Talent. Attendees are educated about the exhibitors and what opportunities they have available, to ensure that both parties are meeting relevant people.

Laura Mitchell-Innes (Talent Manager, Blenheim Chalcot) said about the event: “It’s been refreshing meeting people who are very keen in startups, particularly digital and technology startups, which is what we do”.

2. Boost brand awarenessWhy Careers Events Still Matter

If you are a young startup, a B2B company, or entering a new market, you might not be top-of-mind when Talent think of the businesses that they would really like to work for. By taking part in a careers event, you are levelling the playing field against more recognisable employer brands as well as engaging people who might not have otherwise thought to apply for your roles.

Andy Clayton (EMEA Talent Acquisition, MuleSoft): “MuleSoft is quite popular in the states, but not so much in the UK. We need to have more recognition because we are niche in what we do. EXPAND London is opening doors to people that we wouldn’t have access to generally”.

You can also take advantage of the marketing of the event, as your company name and logo will be featured across all event communications, from the social media to the leaflets handed out on the day.

3. Nothing beats face-to-face conversations

Why Careers Events Still Matter

Shazam exhibiting at EXPAND London

As wonderful as technology has been for improving the hiring process, going offline can also be incredibly rewarding.

ZeShaan Shamsi (Head of Talent Acquisition at Onfido): “Recruitment is about having conversations, on any platform, but nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. You can have a two-way chat about your company, culture, and roles and also share tips or advice for people looking for new opportunities”.

4. Meet unexpected candidates

Despite having a very strong idea of the kind of person you’re looking for to fill a role, sometimes the best candidates aren’t exactly the ones you had in mind. At careers events, conversations with unexpected and non-traditional candidates might prove to be a pleasant surprise.

Mehram Sumray-Roots (Co-founder, Yada): “At EXPAND London, we met a gynaecologist who was interested in getting involved in UX or web design. He had done a bit of coding back in the day and had now reached a point in his career when he wanted to get involved in something more exciting. That was interesting!”

5. Network with other exhibitors

With the main focus being on Talent, the opportunity to network with other Companies is an advantage that is often overlooked. So, don’t forget that attending careers events also gives you the chance to meet other in-house recruiters and HR professionals to discuss best practices – or even see who you’re competing against for top Talent.

Take advantage of all these benefits and more at EXPAND London in March 2017. 

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