4 Steps to an Effective Talent Pipeline

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Having an effective talent pipeline is key for hiring in the hospitality industry. If you need to hire today or for the holiday season, you’re already two months too late. It’s important to get a head start on hiring for the holiday season and beyond. 

Why start to pipeline talent?

There is no reason that hiring for 2018 should be left until January. New Year’s Resolutions never work out because people make too many changes, too quickly. Hiring is no different. Without time for preparation, you’re setting yourself up for poor results. Hence, January shouldn’t be the beginning of something new – it should be a continuation of your workflow.


4 Steps to an Effective Talent Pipeline


Determine who your critical hires are

Pipeline talent not just for senior roles, but for any positions that are critical to the business. Determine what these roles are, then think about where Talent will come from. How available is this talent pool? Are there potential skills gaps, for instance with chef roles? Do you face geographical challenges? Understanding these will guide your hiring strategy.

Alternatively, if you are always looking for exceptional talent with a passion for your business regardless of their role, you could borrow a page from Jobbio’s book. We set up a “Create Your Own Job” role encouraging talented people to apply with us throughout the year.

Develop a talent pipeline even before recruitment has begun

Large operators, like Mitchells & Butlers, tackle this by taking on apprenticeship schemes and working with schools to feed talent into their business. You can also use careers platforms like Jobbio to tap into our database of relevant and qualified hospitality talent. The result of pipelining through Jobbio? Higher engagement and lower hiring costs, as compared to advertising via job boards or other traditional methods of recruitment.

Make everlasting talent connections

Don’t fill your pipeline with dead CVs. Instead, connect with ‘live’ talent on Jobbio. This means that when the time comes to hire, you have a candidate’s most recent experience rather than an out-of-date CV. Plus, once your candidate is in your Jobbio talent Pool, you won’t incur additional recruitment costs when you need to get in touch with them again in the future.

Kickstart campaigns to engage candidates

Get in front of relevant Talent early and give them an insight into your opportunities, your workplace, and your perks and benefits. When the time comes to hire, you can reach out to candidates that are already engaged with your company. This is especially important for hard to fill roles, such as those in less desirable locations, as candidates will have a better insight into the top reasons why they should work with you. If you struggle with your employer brand or marketing your roles, Jobbio can take care of that for you.

Build your talent pipeline for 2018 now to develop and nurture relationships with relevant talent, avoid not having the right (or enough) staff, and ensure that your competitor doesn’t nab your ideal candidate!.

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