The 7 Surprising Benefits of Working in Field Sales

By November 21, 2016For Talent

While Jordan Belfort and his pen-slinging genius have somewhat boosted the sexiness of sales as a career, field sales still gets a bad rap. It’s renowned for being a tough and thankless job but is that the reality? We take a look at the surprising benefits of working in field sales.

Career progression

Strong team members have the chance to move quickly up the ranks into leadership roles. All you need is an aptitude for sales, a will to learn and a lot of ambition.



Intensive training 

Not only are there lots of promotional prospects, these positions generally offer a number of opportunities to upskill and develop. Providing these training programmes mean that there are very little formal qualifications required to be a successful field salesperson.

Earning potential

Them big bucks. If you’ve got the talent and drive, there’s a lot of money to be made! The more you put in to to field sales, the more you get out of it.


It builds resilience

Although initially getting doors closed in your face can be a painful process, learning to deal with rejection really is an invaluable life lesson. It makes you more resilient, more determined and more equipped to handle critique. These attributes will be a big asset in any future job.

Social interaction

Field sales is a social pursuit. While you’ll be reaping your own profits, you’ll be working with a supportive team. As well as that you’ll be out and about interacting with customers, your newly acquired squad in tow.


Working in a team and having face-to-face contact with customers and potential customers does wonders for your confidence. Your communication skills improve, your ability to build rapport with strangers improves and you become more independent.


Forget being chained to a desk or a mound of paperwork, field sales offers a sense of freedom most can only dream of! As well as a less rigid work schedule, there’s more variety to your working day.


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