The long and winding road to payday

By March 30, 2017For Talent

There is no voyage more arduous, no pilgrimage more painful, no trek more trying than that journey to payday. Here’s a rundown of the most notable pits stops on that road to Dolla’ville. Sound familiar?


The incessant refreshing of the bank balance to see if the funds have been made sufficient. WHERE IS MY MONEY?



You bask in the sweet glory of your replenished bank balance. Minus signs be gone! You make plans to pick up all the lovely shiny things you couldn’t afford last week. From new shoes to high quality upholstery, you’re not sure when you’ll use them, you just know you need them.

Endless plans

Your new found wealth has also reawakened your passion for doing. There’s a string of concerts, plays and movies you’ve been meaning to go to. Not to mention that Wanderlust. Such possibility!

Take all my money

You’re mildly hungry so you decide to go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It’s all chef’s specials and cheese boards. Then on to a bar for cocktails and Prosecco. You’ve even taken the bartender’s overpriced recommendations. Gleeful shouts of “The drinks are on me” and “Let it rain” reverberate around the room.



Panic budgeting

After a glorious week of opulence, the realisation that your bills are yet to be paid sinks in. As does the realisation that you’ve been taking Ubers for journeys the length of your driveway.  You make promises to reign it in and stock the fridge full of nutritious, economical treats.

Poverty strikes

Bills are paid. All social events are cancelled until further notice and packed lunches are in full force. There’s nutritional value in pot noodles, right?


The waiting game

Before you know it you’re back where you started, refreshing that balance and promising to be more frugal. This month, you say, will be different.

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