The Morning Habits that will increase your productivity

By August 22, 2017For Talent

The early bird catches the worm but what about the poor little pigeon who couldn’t even get out of bed?

It’s no secret that people with a good morning routine are much more productive during the day. But just how do they do it?

Here are just a few habits that will get your day off to an amazing start. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think.


Prepare the night before

Yes, this is a blog post about morning habits, but what you do the night before can have a massive impact on your productivity the next day. Before you go to bed, write down a quick list of the tasks you would like to complete tomorrow. Three or four things is enough. This will help you to get focused. Prepping your lunch and outfit the night before can also save you loads of time.

Minimise decision making

We can only concentrate on a certain amount of things every day. Minimising the number of decisions that you need to make in the morning will free up your mind to tackle more important tasks. Automate your morning by doing the same routine each day. This may seem boring at first but you’ll be surprised how much more productive you will be throughout the day as a result.

Put down your phone

At least until breakfast. If you wake up and straight away start looking at your emails and text messages from the night before you are not giving yourself time to wake up properly. Jumping right into your work is a very frantic way to start your day. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy the first few moments of your morning. Hop in a nice warm shower, get yourself a cup of coffee or read a chapter of your book. This will help you to be more productive throughout the day.

Eat breakfast

And we don’t mean a cereal bar on the bus to work. Eating a proper breakfast is very important if you want to have a productive day. People who eat breakfast have more stable blood sugar levels and tend to be less hungry over the course of the day. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods.


Once you get into work make sure that your workspace is clean and tidy. Try to keep your desk very minimalistic and remember that the less clutter you have sitting around the better. Research conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research. found that people working at a messy workspace are less efficient, more frustrated and weary, and less persistent when faced with a challenging situation.

Do the hard things first

It’s easy to procrastinate tasks in the morning because you have lots of time left to complete them. This is not a good idea. Studies have shown that our prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for creativity is the most active when we wake up. Organise your morning schedule to do the hardest (or most creative) task first. This allows you to use your best brain power when you need it most. Save smaller tasks like editing, or conducting phone calls for the afternoon.


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