7 Ways A Good Burger Is Like A Good Job

By August 24, 2017For Talent

National Burger Day is upon us and as we salivate over our lunch options here at Jobbio HQ, we’re also reflecting on how a wonderful hunk of beef is not unlike a great job. Here’s how:

It’s satisfying

Just as a juicy, cheese coated burger leaves you feeling sated, a rewarding job feeds your professional appetite. It satisfies a yearning deep inside you for progression, development and success.

It energises you

A good job is like kilocalories for your soul. It gives you energy, it lifts your mood and it sets you up to conquer the day ahead.

It makes you happy

Good burger = happiness

Good job = happiness

See below.


It’s varied

The best burgers bring together a number of diverse ingredients – a soft brioche bun, crispy iceberg lettuce, a juicy patty, all topped off with tangy tomato relish. (Just me?) A good role is similarly layered in that it serves you up a number of different tasks and demands in your day-to-day. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

It fills a void

Like a hearty burger, a good job can be the missing piece to your puzzle. In fact as soon as you find a really good job, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.


It excites you

You’ve overcome the difficult decision. You’ve trawled the menu for 10 excruciating minutes and ordered your burger of choice. Now you wait. The agony. The hope. The anticipation.

It’s an experience not unlike your hunt for the perfect job – the indecision, the expectation, the excitement and the payoff.

It’s not easy

All those layers of burger-y goodness can be hard to contain and pose quite the obstacle to a novice eater. The same can be said for a new job. The best ones will bring you challenges that need to be overcome and you’ll feel all the better for it.



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