Interview Horror Stories That Will Make You Squirm

By October 31, 2017For Talent

Forget about ghosts and goblins this Halloween. Sometimes the scariest things aren’t just figments of our imagination, they’re the very real, very awkward things that can happen in everyday life.

To celebrate Halloween we decided to check out some of the best interview horror stories we could find on Reddit and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the horror.

Oh, the irony.


”I went for an interview at a car dealership as a vehicle porter and I ended up locking my keys in my car, they had to open it for me.”

NEVER look at your phone during an interview


”I’ll start with the time I opened an unsolicited dick pic RIGHT in the middle of my interview. I was filling out some paperwork and needed a contact so I asked if I could see my phone. I noticed I had a text and went to discreetly open it. Low and behold, there were the goodies of some guy whose texts I had been ignoring for three weeks at 10 am.”

It might sound obvious but you probably shouldn’t steal.


”I used to manage a Blockbuster and after one particularly awful interview I walked the candidate out towards the parking lot and the alarms went off. It turned out he stuffed three DVDs in his suit jacket before being called back to the office.

He did not get the job or Mama Mia, Fool’s Gold, or High School Musical 3 for that matter.”

If they snooze, you lose.


”I had an interviewer fall asleep while I was talking. Super awkward. Not just sitting there with his eyes closed, he was hard asleep and snoring a little. I sat there for a couple minutes, then I pretended to cough really loud and then I just started talking like nothing happened.”

You should probably double check the finer details.


”I was interviewing for a local internship (multinational corp, they were interviewing from all over the state). They neglected to tell me it was a phone interview so I googled their address, threw on a suit and tie, and showed up at the scheduled time.

Made for a tremendously awkward interview, but also a funny story when I got the job.”

A run-in with the law.


”I was looking to relocate to a new area. I managed to finally score an on-site interview with a major defense contractor that does some really cool stuff. I showed up to the location the HR rep specified 15 minutes early. When my interview time rolled around, security told me I was in the wrong location. It turns out they had another location on the other side of town about 15 minutes away.

I tried to get there as fast as I could, but the local PD did not like that idea. I showed up to the interview 30 minutes late with a $250 speeding ticket. There were a few things that weren’t working in my favor that day, I think they finally canceled that position a few months later.

Moral of the story: if the company has multiple locations, verify the interview location.”

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