Things Great Candidates Never Do

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The hiring process can be tricky and there certainly are a lot of pitfalls to avoid.

So, whether you’re a company looking to hire or talent eager to make a good first impression here are the things that good job candidates never do.

Take note…

They are never rude to the receptionist

Treat people how you would like to be treated, it’s as simple as that. Treating anyone rudely is unprofessional and unacceptable, especially when you are visiting a company. Many candidates do not even realise that the receptionist is usually one of the most trusted and valued members of staff in a company.

They are frequently used as first screeners. They are the person that will greet candidates and whether they realise it or not how they introduce the candidate to the interviewer will demonstrate whether or not they like them. For example the tone of voice they use or whether or not they remember the person’s name. These subliminal clues can make a big difference.

They don’t go blank when asked, ”Any questions?”

An interview should be a conversation not an interrogation and good candidates know this. If an interviewee is really interested in the role and the company as a whole then they should have a few questions for the interviewer.

If a candidate can locate pain points within the business and discuss solutions to help deal with them then that is even better.

They do not bring food or drink into the interview

This is not snack time this is a serious job interview. Most interviews don’t last longer than an hour, so there’s no need to bring food. It shows a lack of business etiquette and respect for the interview process

If a candidate decides to bring a coffee or sandwich into an interview scenario then they are not taking the opportunity seriously. Afterall nothing is stopping them from having a bite to eat before they come in. However, it is a good idea for candidates to take a breath mint before an interview.

They do not show up early for an interview

I’m not taking 5 or 10 minutes early, that’s acceptable but arriving 30 minutes before your interview is scheduled is just downright ridiculous.

Candidates that do this clearly have no idea how a busy office functions. The person interviewing them will simply not be free until the specified time. Candidates who arrive extremely early do not appear enthusiastic, they just seem like a nuisance.

Our advice? If you’re early for a job interview take a walk around the block, pop into a local shop or chill out in a nearby cafe until your designated interview time.

They do not diss their former employer

If your candidate spends a good ten minutes complaining about their current or previous employer alarm bells should be going off in your head. Being negative shows a lack of diplomacy and tact.

Good candidates know that the business world is small. You simply can’t afford to bad-mouth former employers. It could end up coming back to bit you in the ass.

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