The Foolproof Guide To Power Dressing

By January 25, 2018For Talent

The corporate world can be cut-throat. Sometimes you need a little extra pizzazz to get you through that meeting, presentation or very important business lunch with business people. Here’s how to make your clothes work for you, our guide to being a power dresser.

Wear loud shoes

Obnoxiously loud shoes. Then walk in said shoes like you’re off to collect your winning lottery ticket. Let every step represent you stomping out the competition. Seek out tiled or wooden floors for extra impact.

Add statement jewellery

Forget the dangly earrings or costume brooch, let people know you mean business by donning a large clock to illustrate your dedication to timekeeping or a large bulb to show that you own good ideas.

Signature jacket

You can tell a lot about a person by the coat they wear – how warm they are, what time they go for lunch, how serious they are about being seen in the dark, etc. Ensure you’re maximising the storytelling abilities of your coat by choosing a colour and style that stands out and reveals your superiority. Studies* show that people who wear lengthy capes are more likely to be promoted within their company.

Use a headset

A large, borderline offensive headset, regardless of whether or not your job actually requires you to make a lot of calls. Your hands are for closing deals and meaningful gesticulations, not holding a phone.

Strategic embroidery

Nothing gets you up that career ladder quicker than an embroidered top preferably with the word boss, chief or Caesar on it. For a little extra glamour consider incorporating jewels, studs and beads or for the more subtle statement, forgo the word boss and just have your name on all your clothes. The more people see it, the more people say it. Next stop, C-Suite.

*All studies are fictional and created merely for the amusement of the author.

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