What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked in an interview?

By January 31, 2018For Talent

We recently launched the Jobbio #WorkHappy Index to find out what makes people truly happy in their jobs.

We looked at the biggest workplace motivators, the most sought after perks and benefits and even office romances.

As part of our research we surveyed over 4000 people in full time employment across the UK and US and asked them to share their weirdest interview experiences. Here’s the shortlist of the strangest, funniest and downright offensive interview questions mentioned in our survey.


Are you ok to work with females?

Explain why David bowie is good or bad.

Do you have a girlfriend?

What colour knickers are you wearing?

What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?


Do you mind if I don’t look at you when I ask questions? 

Are you wearing underwear?

Would you like to donate blood?

If you had to turn into an animal what would you be and why?

How clever are you with your feet?


What’s your sexual preference?

Do you masturbate?

What’s the definition of a Welshman?

Can you climb a flagpole?

Would you rather be a giraffe or a unicorn?

What would you do if you thought a customer, colleague or patient was having an affair?

If you were in a car accident and weren’t wearing a seatbelt should you have to pay the hospital bill for injuries?

Do you eat pizza?


What does your husband do for a living?

What song sums up your work ethic?

Are you gay?

Do you have a working womb and do you plan to use it? (this was 30 years ago)

Why is pizza better than pasta?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had to do? 

What would you do if everyone in the office was naked?

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