4 Ways Your Job is Better than a Date This Valentine’s

By February 14, 2018For Talent

Today is February 14th, the day St. Valentine decided that to prove our love for one another we must spend lots of money on heart shaped gifts, accompanied by gushing social media posts to the tune of ‘the boy done good’.

To celebrate this sacred occasion, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways your job is superior to a date this Valentine’s.

(It’s smart, not bitter.)


Less volatile

Your job doesn’t get insecure if you don’t laugh at its jokes or compliment what its wearing. Your job won’t get angry if you talk about your previous jobs. Your job doesn’t make you question your own attractiveness or allure (except for maybe at the office Christmas party). And your job definitely won’t ignore your witty WhatsApps with little to no explanation.


Dates can be tricky to navigate – there’s no definite finish time, seating plan, allocated breaks or dress code. Jobs on the other hand, generally come with a clock out time, codes of conduct and repercussions for bad behaviour. Structure is the new sexy.


Cash money

Your job boosts your finances, a date drains them. That prosecco, oysters and chocolate laden feast might seem like the perfect aphrodisiac but when you’re a week out from payday and living off super noodles and ketchup you might feel a little differently.


A date, though enjoyable, is fleeting. Your job however can keep you engaged and challenged for a prolonged period of time. Unless of course, you’re especially inept at work or particularly skilled at dating.

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