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By February 16, 2018For Talent

Welcome to the #Friday5

From love contracts to retiring in your 30s, here’s the rundown of our top stories this week.

Hosting the Winter Olympics – honour or burden?

We’re currently in the thick of the 23rd Winter Olympics and while we’re all enjoying the snow, medals and peculiar sports hybrids (who knew skiis and guns worked so well together?), it’s not all fun and games. Reports have emerged suggesting that hosting the Winter Olympics is not the economic boost PyeongChang expected.

Kiss by the book – love by the contract

To celebrate Valentine’s we took a look at relationships in the workplace and the rise of ‘love contracts’. Is it necessary to have official contracts governing the rules of inter office trysts or is it just another HR attempt to protect management?

love contracts

Honest to hummus

Not to alarm you but the price of hummus is on the rise due to a poor chickpea harvest. The drought induced inflation isn’t the only time nature affected business. In this article we take a look at some of the more sinister examples.

Meet the couple who retired in their 30s

Cancel your lotto syndicate, there’s another way to live the high life, for the rest of your life. Well, according to an American couple who packed in their jobs to travel the world. Here’s how they did it. 

retired couple

Could this be the answer to closing the gender pay gap?

A new law has been introduced in a number of US jurisdictions banning employers from asking candidates what salary they were on in their previous role. The rationale being that salary disparities between men and women often stem from women starting on lower salaries and failing to shatter the glass. The new legislation aims to break the cycle of women being paid less than their male counterparts. A step in the right direction? 

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