#Friday5 – This Week’s News Round Up

By February 23, 2018For Talent

Before you check out for the weekend, check out our most read stories this week. Happy Friday!

Social and recreational media

A new study by website, Sugar Cookie, has found that 67% of women and 58% of men in the UK have stalked their colleagues’ photos on social. Furthermore, 39% of people admitted to using their coworker’s social media photos for self pleasuring purposes. While we don’t encourage it, you’ve got to hand it to them for their honesty.

Netflix and spill

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at one of the world’s fastest growing companies? We spoke to Marta Munk de Alba, EMEA Recruiter at Netflix, to get the lowdown on what it takes to excel at the company and what she looks for in a candidate.

How much do you know about dyslexia?

In this piece, Janette Beetham, Senior Consultant at the British Dyslexia Association, talks us through the symptoms of dyslexia and offers solutions to the workplace challenges.

What perks really motivate employees?

When it comes to hiring, companies are constantly trying to think of new, innovative and cost-effective ways to attract talent. While free beer Fridays might seem like the perfect work perk to offer younger generations, a new report has shown that workplace alcohol isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste. Generation Z is divided on whether or not free drink would entice them or deter them from a role.

Welcome to Brotopia

There’s been much discussion of late around the lack of diversity in the tech sector – from the gender pay gap to corporate cultures of toxic masculinity. This week we continued this discussion with a lengthy review of Brotopia, a book by Emily Chang looking at ‘the boys club’ of Silicon Valley.

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