Light Phone 2: The Quite Smart Dumb Phone

By March 2, 2018For Talent

When it comes to smartphones, being hyperconnected has become the norm. Not only can we reach anyone we want at any place in the world, we can shop, order food, apply for jobs, transfer money, book flights and even turn on our lights and heating all from one little device.

But is this ‘always on’ mentality damaging our connection to those around us and stopping us from experiencing our surroundings in real time?

Light founders Joe Hollier and Kai Tang seemed to think so, prompting the creation of their first Light product which aimed to “empower us to be our best selves and appreciate our lives more.”

The original Light Phone was launched in 2015 as an anti-smartphone to cut through the noise and disruption of modern mobiles, and get people to pay attention to what matters. The design of the phone was reflective of the idea behind it; clean, minimalist and simple.

The only functionalities of the phone were to make and receive calls and tell the time – no mindless, incessant scrolling and no playing with 17 apps concurrently.

Light have recently released the second iteration, the Light Phone 2. The new version maintains its basic but powerful mission but has added text functionalities. The Light Phone 2 also has a microphone and an alarm clock, perhaps to appeal to those skeptical of giving up their smartphone completely.

Could you survive without your smartphone?

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