#WorkQuirks: This Company Pays for Employees to Have Their House Cleaned

By March 7, 2018For Talent

Yes, you really did read that headline correctly. Every week we bring you the best and most unusual work perks from around the globe.

This week we have got everything from a company with its very own Puppytorium to a business that will hire a cleaner to spruce up your apartment while you’re at work.

Prepare to feel very jealous.

Biweekly Cleaner, Akraya

We’ve heard of companies going above and beyond but this really takes the biscuit. IT staffing company Akraya hires cleaners for their employees in a bid to alleviate some of the stress at home so they can be more productive at work.

Speaking to ABC News Chief Executive Officer Amar Panchal explains his reasoning behind this perk.

“People want to work for a company they feel good about. This is one of the perks that makes them feel good because it makes them feel appreciated.”

Eh, where do we sign up?

Impressive staff discount, Harrods

If you work in Harrods then you need to dress the part. Thankfully that won’t be hard with their impressive staff discount. The famous luxury department store gives their staff a massive 33% discount on all items (Yes, that’s a third! Just imagine the decadent food that you could buy in their food hall). They also offer a 50% reduction on business attire and impressive saving schemes.

Puppytorium, Chartbeat

The lovely folks over at Chartbeat are a little bit dog obsessed (we can definitely relate). So much so that they even have a dedicated puppytorium i.e. a place where employees can go and hang out with their furry friends when they need a little downtime.

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”If people are getting stressed out at work and they’re working really hard they can feel free to take 10 or 15 minutes to sit down with a dog and just play for a little while and de-stress. For us, the puppytorium started within one of our conference rooms but I believe now the entire office is the puppytorium. On any given day we have about four dogs in the office” explains Kristine Suh, Manager of People and Culture at Chartbeat.

The also offer staff unlimited vacation, yoga, fully covered parental leave, flexible work schedules and healthcare. Not too shabby.

Free Fitbit and Kindle, Hotjar

Hotjar is a European tech startup headquartered in Malta (although most of their employees work remotely).

They offer their staff a whole host of amazing perks like company retreats and 40 days of annual leave per year. On top of that, they offer impressive incentives like the working together budget which gives staff €2,000 each to spend on travelling to where their coworkers live. They also have a well-being allowance (€200 per month) to spend on physical, mental or spiritual health.

Speaking about these impressive perks Sara Bent, Recruitment Co-ordinator at Hotjar explains that,

”In terms of how important the perks are, I think their worth isn’t so much in the monetary value of them but in how much they demonstrate Hotjar’s mindset towards the team. Hotjar truly wants to nurture not just a happy work atmosphere, but a happy and healthy work/life balance as well. The perks we have are chosen to be aligned with these ideals as well as with the values of the company.”

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