The Secret to Being Successful at: Finding a Graduate Job

By April 16, 2018For Talent

Leaving your student days behind is always a little bit bittersweet. On one hand, you’re excited about a new adventure, on the other, securing a real ”grown-up job” can seem a little daunting.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Here are the secrets to securing your perfect grad job.

Secret 1: Clean up your act

Potential employers usually look up a candidate’s social media pages to get a better sense of their personality.  Make sure that there is nothing on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that you don’t want them to see. If you’re still using the email you created to set up your Bebo account in 2006, it might be time to get a more professional one.

Secret 2:  Get organised

If you really want to find the perfect job then you have to commit. That means checking job postings daily, staying on top of your emails and creating reminders for career events. It’s also a good idea to frequently update your Jobbio profile to make sure that it is current.


Secret 3: Be aware

Be well-informed about the industry that you’re planning to enter by subscribing to industry-specific blogs and attending events. It’s very obvious if you just learn this information the night before your interview. If you know someone else looking to get into the same industry, share information with them. It’s great to be able to discuss key issues.

Secret 4: Doing the bare minimum will get minimum results

We can all fill out a simple application form or send off a stale template CV. If you really want to get your dream job then you will have to go above and beyond. Think of cool and innovative ways that you can get the company’s attention.

Dee Murphy, Jobbio’s Expert in Residence explains what impresses her during the hiring process.

”People who bring deadly pitches or presentations to the table are always impressive. People who follow up with an email and more work examples afterward are great too. I love when people find the company’s pain points and send on solutions before they’re even hired.”

Step 5: Don’t try to boil the ocean

It’s easy to panic when you graduate. Everyone around you seems to be bragging about their new job or heading off on an exciting gap year but that doesn’t mean you should start applying for anything and everything.

Lots of recent grads make the mistake of trying to apply for too many jobs at once without taking the time to research the company You’re more likely to make spelling mistakes or misstate your goals if you apply in a hurry. Always set aside sufficient time to complete applications.

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