#Friday5 – How to protect your privacy online

By April 20, 2018For Talent

It’s not the weekend until you’ve caught up on our blog highlights. Here’s the #Friday5:

How to find a graduate job

Leaving college is an exciting time but it’s also a difficult one. When thoughts turn from celebrating your accomplishment to what your next steps should be, it can be quite daunting. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help you find your first graduate job.

Working in the service industry should be compulsory

This piece argues that working in the service industry is more valuable to young people’s social and professional development than any internship or extra curricular. From building to resilience to dealing with conflict to being exposed to more diverse viewpoints, this is why everyone should work a period in the service industry. Do you agree?

10 signs you’re unhappy at work

Sometimes work becomes so routine that we don’t stop to think about how we’re progressing in our roles or how happy we are in them. Instead, we chalk poor experiences up to an unfortunate part of being employed or a bad day at the office. This shouldn’t be the case. If you’re unsure of your current role, this is how to tell the difference between a few bad days and a bad job.

How to protect your privacy online

Cambridge Analytica has sparked a global conversation about how we manage our social media profiles and how much of our data we share online. It’s about more than Facebook – your browser settings, emails and plugins all play a role too. This article talks you through some practical changes you can make to better protect your privacy online.

What you didn’t know about my job as a Lego designer

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Lego designer? Wonder no more. We caught up with Cara Malorey-Vibert to find out what the role involves and her career journey to date!

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