#Friday5 – There’s no such thing as 110%

By April 27, 2018For Talent

Get to grips with this week’s top blog stories in our #Friday5.

Turn your passion project into your full time job

Your dream job won’t just come and find you, sometimes you need to create it for yourself. In this piece, Lynsey Hanratty explores how to turn your side project into a full time career opportunity.

There’s no such thing as 110%

Corporate buzzwords are a standard annoyance of any office environment but this latest study highlights the biggest offenders. Are you guilty of throwing people under the bus, thinking outside the box or reaching for that low hanging fruit? Then your coworkers have probably had quite a few eyerolls at your expense. On a completely unrelated note there is no such thing as 110% so please stop saying it.

The best viral marketing ads

After the success of the recent Westwood campaign, we reflect on the biggest and best marketing initiatives of the past few years. From channeling your inner Hobbit to discovering multiple ways to commit helium balloon homicide, these are some of the more creative corporate efforts.

Office workers have sweet tooth for vengeance

A new survey has revealed the likelihood of workers to take vengeance on a colleague and it looks like we’re all pretty petty. Respondents from the tech sector were the most vengeful followed by medical and healthcare, and food and hospitality workers. The top reasons for seeking revenge on coworkers were being annoyed, undermined or disrespected by them. The top vengeful acts included spreading rumours about team members and hiding their possessions.


Back to the future (of education)

There’s been plenty of talk about how new technology will change the ways we work but increased tech is not the only factor to consider when looking ahead to the future of work. This article looks at the evolving landscape of the education industry and how skills building is the key to success, featuring Tom Ogletree, Director of Social Impact and External Affairs at General Assembly.


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