#WorkQuirks – ‘Yay Days’ for Outdoor Pursuits

By May 2, 2018For Talent

Whether it’s just championing their employees on social or offering unlimited holiday days, we love to celebrate companies doing great things for their teams. Check out some of our favourite work perks this week.

REI – Yay Days

What’s a Yay Day? To encourage their team to get outside and active, Recreational Equipment, Inc. offers two days of paid annual leave to employees, to spend on their favourite outdoor pursuits. It’s not just hiking or skiing, Azizah Mathly, Senior Recruiting Specialist at REI says her colleagues also spend the time doing stewardship projects like cleaning coastal areas.

Twitter – Rooftop deck

The employees based in Twitter’s San Fransisco HQ enjoy a host of delicious perks including free food, wine and beer on tap and a CrossFit gym. The one we’re most envious of? Their stylish rooftop deck – but maybe it’s more that California climate we’re coveting.

American Express – Healthy living programs

American Express offers employees healthy living programs which promote both physical and mental health. There’s counselling services, meditation as well as generous private healthcare cover. Other benefits include childcare vouchers, pensions savings plans and accident insurance.

Asana – Personal and professional coaching

To inspire innovation and help employees develop and grow in their roles, Asana hold regular workshops and coaching sessions. Run by the ‘Conscious Leadership Group’, these sessions are free to attend and are an integral part of the company culture which fosters transparency, feedback and “growth in every direction”.

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