CLiKD: Is This The Best Internship in the World?

By May 31, 2018For Talent

When you hear the word ‘internship’ what do you imagine?

I’m guessing it’s unpaid menial work in a dark office and lots of coffee runs. However at CLiKD, they like to do things a little differently!

They’re the company reinventing what it means to be an intern, and bringing you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Who are they?

CLikD is the hottest, newest dating app on the scene. But unlike the others CLiKD doesn’t match you up with just anyone.

The app puts you back in control of the matching process, giving you a creative way to express yourself and get better quality matches in a quick and fun way.

Gone are the days of mindless swipes and dozens of matches but zero motivation to chat. CLiKD is all about developing real bonds between real people.

When setting up your account, you have to design a test. Three questions which indicate what you seek most in a significant other. If you and someone else get 2 out of 3 answers correct on each others’ quizzes, you have CLikD!

Michael Blakeley is the man behind the app. He left his job as a Lawyer and Compliance Officer last year to set up the creative system to meet new people on your wavelength.

He describes his invention as one that “celebrates individuality, encourages creativity and excites its users”.

What are they offering?

CLiKD are offering one intern the opportunity to party the summer away! From cocktail bars and swanky restaurants to warehouse raves, you’ll be attending all the best events that London has to offer.

But don’t worry, you won’t be going to any of these things on your own… you’ll be attending with dates you’ve met on the app! Over ten weeks you’ll meet ten new people and discuss your incredible experience in blog or vlog posts.

Oh, and if you hit it off with one match in particular, the company will send you both to a European festival of your choice! Sounds like fun, right?

Just to sweeten the deal, CLiKD will throw in some shares of the company too!

Previous Partaker: Daria Lazio

In Summer 2017, Daria Lazio took part in the CLiKD internship programme. She featured in CLiKD campaigns on radio, tech podcasts and newspapers.

Along with all this exposure, she received media training, writing support and the experience of working in a startup environment.

Daria’s hilarious posts about her dates make for some excellent reading. The blog was even highly commended at the UK Dating Awards! After having the summer of her life, she was sent off to enjoy Outlook festival in Croatia with her new boyfriend.

Best of all… they’re still together now!

How Can I Sign Up?

Just like Daria, you’ve got to be over the age of 18 and based in London. When you sign up, you’ve got to be single (“it’s complicated” isn’t acceptable), sociable and an active social media user.

There’s no set requirements regarding previous dating experience, however the company does specify that you’ve got to be able to work hungover and have a “decent taste in music”!

You’ll be paid a London living wage to work a minimum of 1 day (7 hours) a week in their London office, with all dating expenses paid. If you’re working elsewhere too you can do your CLiKD duties on a part time basis.

You have until midnight on June 7th to sign up. Apply online at CLiKD’s Jobbio channel here!

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Jack Maguire is a recent English Studies graduate, content writer for the Jobbio blog, freelance journalist and podcast creator.

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