Why Outdated Workplace Tech Could be Costing You Employees

By July 19, 2018For Companies

If there is still a dusty old fax machine taking up space in the corner of your office then this post is for you.

Over the past three decades, our workplaces have changed completely. From clunky PCs to sleek Mac Books and from pagers to augmented reality, the technology that we use from day to day is becoming more and more advanced.

If employers want to attract the best talent then they need to stay up to date with the latest workplace technology trends or they risk being left behind.

According to a new global study by Unisys Corporation outdated technology is frustrating digital employees making them less productive and more likely to leave their role.

The New Digital Workplace Divide research paper showed that more than half of digital workers at “technology laggard” organizations expressed frustration with their employer.

This is compared to only 6% of workers at “technology leader” organisations.

The study also showed that this frustration is directly correlated with staff retention. Workers at technology laggards were 450% more likely to want to leave to go work elsewhere.

workplace techEmployers can not neglect their tech resources if they want to continue to secure staff in the future. But where should their focus lie?

According to the research, devices cause the most problems for workers. 45% of those surveyed complained that outdated versions keep them from being productive.

The Unisys study isn’t the first to find a correlation between up-to-date tech and employee engagement.

In a recent Harvard Business Review report more than half of employers said their technology offerings are a factor in a candidates’ decision to work for them. The same group said that outdated technology hampers their ability to compete for talent.

So, if you want to engage the top tech employees then you need to make sure that all your devices and systems are up to date. You can’t afford not to.

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