#WorkQuirks: This Office Has its Own Putting Green

By July 25, 2018For Talent

From wonderful to wacky and everything in between. Here are just some of the work perks that caught our eye this week.

*Warning* This post might make you just a little bit jealous.

Discounted vet visits, PetPlus

If you’re a pet owner then you will know just how expensive a quick trip to the vets can be. Thankfully, employees at PetPlus don’t have to worry about that as they receive discounts on everything from pet medication to supplies. The company is also well-known for it’s lavish Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. We just hope that employees get to bring their pets along too.

The ultimate remote working package, Automatic

Automatic, the company behind WordPress.com and various other plugins gives all their employees a $2,000 stipend to ensure they have everything they need to work from home, meaning you might finally be able to afford that standing desk you’ve had your eye on. Employees are also given free travel to the annual company meet up that brings all the remote workers together.

Weekly farmers market, Yahoo

Well, it doesn’t get much more millennial than that. Internet giant Yahoo knows how to treat their staff right. Employees at their head office in California can avail of a whole host of perks like an on-site fitness centre, basketball and volleyball courts, dental care, free haircuts, car washes, dry-cleaning and free food. They also host a series of different events like their weekly farmers market and the annual Oktoberfest festival. We could definitely get on board with that.

Putting green, Cogeco Peer 1

If you like to fill your workday with fun then you would fit right in at Cogeco Peer 1. The UK-based company has a fantastic office filled with surprises from a huge indoor slide to a pub. They even have their very own office putting green so you can practice your swing during meetings. There’s no excuse for a below par score now.

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