#WorkQuirks: This Company Pays For its Employees’ Weddings

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In this month’s #WorkQuirks series we have highlighted four different companies that are going above and beyond to help their employees. Prepare to feel very jealous.

Annual employee music recital, Kickstarter

Are you passionate violinist or a dab hand at the piano? If music is your thing then you would probably enjoy working at Kickstarter. Every year the funding platform holds a huge employee recital where everyone can get together to show off their musical talents.

But that’s not their only perk they also have a yearly retreat, catered family meals and their offices are dog-friendly. You better get practising your duet.

Work from anywhere week, ASTRSK

ASTRSK is a PR agency based in New York. They give their employees a whole host of perks but the most impressive has to be their ”work from anywhere” week. During this time employees are encouraged to pack up their bags and go anywhere in the world. Staff members can work from a cabin in Alaska or from a sunny beach in the Maldives as long as they have a suitable internet connection and their laptop. That sounds pretty reasonable to us.

$20,000 towards your wedding, Boxed

Yes, you did read that right. One US-based grocery e-tailer is offering their employees one of the craziest perks of all, they are giving staff members $20,000 to put towards their dream wedding (well, it is much better than a toaster).

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang began footing the bill for his employees’ children to go to college in 2015. A year later he offered to pay up to $20,000 for employees’ weddings after learning that a member of staff was working two jobs in order to save for their nuptials. It’s certainly a very generous perk even if it is a little bit unusual.

$40,000 for fertility treatments, Snap

Snap is the company behind Snapchat. The company is particularly appealing to men and women who are considering becoming parents for the first time. Snap gives employees flexible hours, free lunches and a company cell phone. Their most impressive perk, however, has to be the $40,000 it offers employees for fertility treatments.

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