#WorkQuirks: Company Gives Employees Paid Vacation Before They Start

By November 14, 2018For Talent

What cool employee benefits does your company offer? Perhaps a weekly exercise class or Friday evening cocktails?

Well, prepare to be blown away by the outlandish work perks that these companies are dishing out.

We’re only slightly jealous.

Paid Vacation before you start, 42Floors

Employee work perks usually kick in once you start working at a company, right? Wrong! 42Floors, a US-based real estate company wants to spoil their employees before they even walk in the door. Company CEO Jason Freedman insists that all new recruits take a two-week paid vacation before they start working. We could definitely agree with that.

In office saloon, DPR Construction

DPR Construction is another business from the USA. Their office has a wild west theme with a real built-in saloon complete with a bar. But that’s not all because they also have Texas hold ‘em poker tournaments are on a regular basis. Y’all better get practising.


Creative getaway, Epic

Epic is very vocal about their dedication to staff happiness. So much so that if you fancy some time off they will help you to take a break. You can choose whatever country suits you best and Epic will compensate all flight and living costs for the creative getaway. This coverage applies to a plus one too. Sounds like the perfect way to recharge.

Time off for a breakup, Hime & Company

There is nothing more painful than heartbreak. Hime & Company are known for their policy of “break-up break”. This is when they offer one or two days off after an employee breaks up with their significant other. Free time to sit on the sofa and eat ice cream? Yes, that definitely seems like a good idea.

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