#WorkQuirks: This Company Will Help You Pay For A Surrogate

By January 8, 2019For Talent

What work perks would you like to have at your company? Free fruit, weekly exercise classes or perhaps ample annual leave?

These four companies have fantastic work perks from subsidised surrogacy to electric desks. Read on to find out more.

Monthly massages, KAX Media Ltd.

Is your back sore from sitting hunched over your laptop all day? If you worked at KAX Media you wouldn’t have that problem. The Dublin-based company offers their employees monthly on-site massages to help them unwind. They also have an ergonomic work environment with Aeron chairs and electric height adjustable desks. Say goodbye to those pesky aches and pains!

Volunteer days, The Body Shop

If you work at The Body Shop you don’t just get free samples, although that’s always good too. You also get five days off per year to spend on volunteering. So, whether you’re passionate about helping animals or saving the environment you won’t have to use up your annual leave to do your part.

Buy/sell holidays AutoTrader UK

Employees at AutoTrader UK can buy and sell up to five days of annual leave. If you do decide to part with some of your hard-earned holiday days you spend the allowance on other work perks instead. It sounds like a great idea to us!

Money towards surrogacy, Snap

Snap (originally Snapchat) offers their employees lots of different perks like free lunches and company mobile phones. However, their most impressive benefit is geared towards new parents. The company offers employees $40,000 for fertility treatments and up to $80,000 toward a surrogate birth.

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