Workplace Art Makes Employees Happier

By February 11, 2019For Talent

Employee wellness is a top concern for employers.

Meditation, yoga classes and chill out zones are all becoming increasingly popular but according to new research, companies are missing a trick.

Instead of focusing solely on activities we should also be paying attention to the environments that we are working in.

New research by Viking has found that 53% of workers are happier when there is art in their office. Another 54% said art should be in every workplace.

While startups might not be able to afford employee retreats or lavish gifts, hanging artwork is a simple way to spruce up the office and promote employee happiness.

Clare Porciani, Senior Manager HR Operations UK & Ireland at Viking, addressed this very point on the company blog stating that, “Artwork can have a whole host of benefits for businesses. It impacts everyone from employees to potential clients. This research has indicated that those who do not install meaningful artwork in their work and office spaces risk missing out on easy wins when it comes to staff productivity and impressing contacts.”

In addition to making them happier, 50% of respondents said it reduces stress in the workplace. Less stress creates a more relaxed environment, which is why another 37% said it makes the atmosphere better for social interactions.

Interestingly younger workers found artwork more beneficial. 54% of millennials thought art boosted their productivity compared to just 34% of older workers.

So what kind of artwork should we install?

30% of the 1,500 employees who were surveyed said they prefer paintings in their office. This was followed by 24% who want to see contemporary art and an equal number also said coastal scenes.

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