First Grown Up Job Guide: How to Handle an Office Romance

By February 12, 2019For Companies, For Talent

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so for this week’s first grown up job guide we thought we would tackle the topic of office romances.

According to the Jobbio #WorkHappy Index, 33% of UK and 27% of US employees have had an office romance at one stage or another.

So, if you shamelessly flirt with your coworker at the watercooler or coordinate your coffee breaks with that special someone then you’re not alone, but you do need to be careful.

Office romances can be unprofessional and potentially ruin your career if they are not handled appropriately. Here are some tips for surviving an office romance in your first grown up job.

Make sure it’s the real deal

Ask yourself, are we compatible or are we only spending time together because we have a big project coming up? Would you be interested in this person if you met them in a bar or are you just looking for a workplace distraction?

Before you embark on an office romance you need to make sure that you really like this person. An office fling isn’t worth the hassle, however, if this is someone that you see a future with then it might be worth taking the next step.

Check the company handbook

Before things get serious you should check your company’s policy about dating coworkers. Lots of companies (even forward-thinking startups) have rules that ban inter-office dating. Depending on the business, your human resources department may need you to sign a contract, inform managers or co-workers, or follow other guidelines. Err on the side of caution.

Talk to your boss first

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