Working from home? Here’s a fantastic 40 minute at-home workout routine

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Are you looking for an at-home workout routine?

So, we’re all spending a lot more time at home at the moment, right? (If you’re not, you should be lads!)

As a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have all been asked to stay inside and social distance to help #flattenthecurve, and halt the spread of the illness. This has resulted in businesses closing down, including, of course, gyms. 

Getting exercise at the moment is tricky, but not impossible guys. There are so many at-home workout routines that we can easily do from the comfort of our homes (or gardens, if you fancy the fresh air). 

So, I reached out to my personal trainer, who gave me a 40 minute at-home workout routine, which I wanted to share with you all. 


What you’ll need:

  • Two dumbbells (or make shift weights like two bags of sugar – get creative).
  • A yoga mat
  • Water
  • Some bangin’ tunes. 

40 minute workout plan – repeat exercises as often as you can within the time. 

Warm up – 3 minutes

Jumping Jacks x 20
Jog on spot x 30 seconds
High knee jog on spot x 30 seconds
Torso rotations x 30 seconds
Neck rotations x 30 seconds

First Round – 8 mins

Squats x 10
Swings x10
Walk outs x10
Russian Twists x10

Second Round – 8 mins

Dumbbell lunges x10
Dumbbell (thruster) over head x10
Dumbbell curls x10
Dumbbell row x10
Leg raises x10

Third Round – 8 mins

Goblet Squats x10
Push ups x10
Sit ups x10
Plank hold 30 seconds

Fourth Round – 10 mins

Burpees x10
Bridges x10
Bicycle crunches x10
Superman x 30 seconds

Stretch – 3 mins


After all that, go treat yourself to something delicious – like Nutella out of the jar, or a cheese toastie?

Oh, and if you are working from home at the moment, be sure you read up on your rights and entitlements here

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