5 reasons why working remotely is actually amazing

By March 30, 2020For Talent

Working remotely can actually be great! 

Given the current global climate, hundreds of thousands of people are now working remotely for the first time ever.

We know it can be weird enough to get up every morning, only to stroll to your desk to start your working day. However, once you get into a decent routine, it can actually be great.

Working remotely can have a number of benefits to an employee, and can be a great way for a company to allow their staff to function.

working remotely

You save time

Think about how much time you spend getting to and from work every day. Probably about an hour either side of your working day, right? Give or take. Imagine what you could do with your day if you had the best part of two extra hours? You could get a workout done, go for a lovely walk before starting your day, or get some pesky household chores done. You’ll be delighted with the extra time.

You save money

While you will save time working remotely, you will also save money – and who doesn’t love that? Think about it, when you’re in an office, how much cash would you spend on overpriced coffees and lunches? Plus, there’s the cost of commuting. You’ll find yourself with quite a bit of extra money, so why not put it aside each week and save it for something fun, like a gorgeous holiday?

working remotely

You can wear what you like (to an extent)

Okay so one of the most glorious things about working from home is the freedom to wear whatever you want. Now, this doesn’t mean you should stay in your pyjamas all day, but it means you can, if you like. I would suggest getting changed out of the PJs though, simply for your own mental health. However, if you want to spend the day in a tracksuit and slippers, have at it! 

Anywhere can be your office

This one doesn’t really feel all that relevant at the moment, considering we all have to stay at home. However, in an ordinary situation, working remotely means working from anywhere, which is actually amazing. It means that you could work from a different country if you fancied it, which opens up incredible opportunities to travel while also earning a living. 

working remotely

Increases your productivity

Studies have shown that we are actually more productive as employees when we work remotely. According to research by Prithwiraj Choudhury, working from home can have many advantages for a business, and can boost companies, employees, and even the economy. 

So there you have it folks! Oh and if you’re looking for a remote job, check out some of these amazing opportunities.


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