9 thoughts that go through our minds when working from home

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Are you working from home at the moment?

So, for hundreds of thousands of people, working from home has pretty much become the new normal, right? As a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have been asked as a population to engage in social distancing, which means we’re working remotely where at all possible. 

By now, we’re all getting used to our new reality of at home desks, video meetings and less-than-perfect WiFi. If you are working from home, there are probably some very familiar thoughts that run through your mind every day (sometimes more than once). Here are 9 thoughts that go through our minds when working from home…

working from home

“Am I honestly hungry again?”

I had breakfast 20 minutes ago, how is it that I already need food again? Part of it is probably because you’re at home, in close proximity to your fridge. Part of it may also be a boredom thing, right? You don’t have anyone to chat to, so you might as well maul the loaf of banana bread. 

“I miss human interaction”

I swear, when this is all over, I will never take a single one of my colleagues for granted again. I will enjoy every tea break, every work-related chat and meeting, and every single work night out for the next 50 years. 

“How many cups of coffee is too many?”

Has anyone else almost developed a tremor with the amount of coffee they’ve consumed? Again, I reckon this boils down to boredom, or at least, an attempt to break up the day in some way. Usually, those desk chats with colleagues help break up a working day, but now, it’s coffee every two hours. 

working from home

“When was the last time I left the house?”

While perched at my makeshift desk this morning, I had to genuinely ask myself when was the last time I left the house. Sure, it was yesterday, but without a morning and evening commute, it feels like I’m spending A LOT more time indoors. 

“Did I shower today?”

Probably not, to be quite honest, and that’s okay. When working from home, it’s fairly inevitable that you’ll put less effort into your appearance. Rather than washing and blowdrying your hair every morning, you’ll probably just pop a load of dry shampoo in it and let it be. We support you! 

“Honestly, what am I wearing?”

Right now, you’re probably wearing the most random mixture of garments. Pyjama bottoms, slippers, a shirt, and a hoodie – anything really goes. The likelihood is that you’re going for comfort above all else – except for those days that you have to turn the camera on in your Zoom meeting! 

“This is actually so fine”

Working from home is SO fine, in fact, I could do it forever. I say this to myself about ten times a day, convincing myself that I don’t actually need a proper desk or human contact – everything is fine. 

working from home

“WHEN will I be back in the office”

However, I MISS WORK. Who would have seen that thought process coming? I think we can all admit that while working from home has it’s advantages, it isn’t the same. Despite everything that’s happening in the world, I can’t deny the fact that I really want to be back in my usual routine, with my commute, my office and my lovely colleagues. 

“I’m so lucky though!”

But, whenever any of these thoughts cross my mind, and I start feeling a bit sorry for myself, I have to stop myself. Why? Well, working from home is a privilege. I’m lucky to have a job that I can do from home, I’m lucky to work for a company that’s still open and functioning. Count your blessings. 

This will all be over soon folks, and normal life will start trickling back in. 

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