Good news alert: some really great things happened this week folks

By April 23, 2020Trending

Ah, we love some good news.

We did it! Another week down, lads. It was a tough one, wasn’t it?

The whole working from home, self isolation thing is really starting to weigh people down (myself included).

I know things are getting harder as the days go on, and it feels like there is no end in sight. However, as I’ve said before, this isn’t forever, and life will return to what it once was eventually. And frankly, we can’t wait! 

Until then, I want to share some good news stories with you every week, to take away from the doom and gloom that had been populating the news over the last few weeks.

Nunaïa making hand sanitiser 

My favourite Irish beauty brand ever has started to make hand sanitiser!

Having realised that her manufacturing facility was sitting empty, founder Nicola Connolly started exploring the idea of seeing if it would be possible to temporarily switch up production and manufacture hand sanitiser. 

And so the ‘GIVE A HAND’ project was born.

For every bottle of hand sanitiser they sell, the brand will donate an additional 50% to healthcare providers. How wonderful is that? Plus, it’s lavender scented! 

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👐 GIVE A HAND sanitiser donation project . . Over the weekend we got to enjoy some stunning sunsets here on Lough Derg after a busy few weeks getting this project up and running. 🌺 . . To those who’ve mesaged today asking how the sanitiser donation project works, we’ve kept it as simple as we can. For every bottle, we’ll donate 50% to our local healthcare workers. So if you buy a 100ml bottle we’ll donate an additional 50ml. Buy a 50ml bottle and we’ll donate 25ml. . . Head over to the link in bio as we’ll be sharing how we donate (in coordination with the HSE) and how the project is going with regular updates. Thanks to our amazing frontliners for your great work and to our tribe for your incredible support 🙏 . . Stay well ❣

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Vaccine progress

So, while we realise we’re months off finding a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus, it seems as though progress is being made.

Oxford University is set to launch a human trial of a potential coronavirus vaccine, with the hopes of making a successful jab available to the public later this year. We LOVE the ambition here. 

good news alert

Official Zoom weddings

As a result of the global outbreak of COVID-19, millions of important events have been cancelled worldwide. However, there has been a glimmer of hope in New York in terms of tying the knot. Last week, the state governor announced that New Yorkers would be able to obtain marriage licenses remotely.

Oh, and not only that, but also state clerks will now be allowed to perform marriage ceremonies over video conferences.

Derry Girls makeover

We’ve all seen that fairly iconic piece of street art in Derry, featuring the stars of Derry Girls, right? Well, it has been given a bit of a Coronavirus update. The artwork now features masks, in a move to boost awareness about maintaining good health hygiene in these uncertain times, and also as a way to honour and thank all frontline workers who have acted like real heroes in recent months.

Look after each other!