5 free online courses you can start this Bank Holiday weekend

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Do you have any plans for the Bank Holiday weekend?

As we head into yet another Bank Holiday in isolation, it kind of almost feels like a waste, right? I have heard so many people almost give out about the fact that we have an extra day off, because “what’s the point?”

Well folks, just because we’ve been asked to social distance, and stay inside as much as possible, doesn’t mean that these few days off can’t be productive. There are loads of lovely things you can do, from cooking to working out. However, we reckon this weekend is a great opportunity to start an online course (because who doesn’t love a little up-skill now and then?) 

So, with that, I have come up with a little list of some really brilliant (and totally free) online courses that you can start right now. Sure, why not?

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Project Management: Beyond the Basics

Digital transformation and the rise of large scale infrastructure projects has created a growing demand for more project-oriented jobs worldwide. On this course, you will go beyond the fundamentals of project management and improve your knowledge so you’re better prepared to lead projects in the future.

You will focus on ensuring your projects deliver the intended benefits to stakeholders whilst being on time and within budget. You will learn how to choose the best approach to projects and develop the leadership and management skills needed to grow effective project teams.

Collaborative Working in a Remote Team

Today, work happens in different locations and in less traditional ways. More of us than ever spend time working from home.

On this course, you’ll explore the challenges and benefits of remote working. You’ll consider different technologies for collaboration and get introduced to project management tools that can help to ease the difficulties of working remotely.

You’ll also develop practical planning skills as you learn to produce an action plan for successful remote working and get advice for starting to work remotely in the real world.


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Personal and Family Financial Planning will address many critical personal financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout your lifetime. 

The course is 4 weeks long, and during that time you will look at topics like ‘Understanding Personal Finance’, Financial Statements, Tools, and Budgets’ and ‘Managing Tax’.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

We all negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success. No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement.

In the course, you’ll learn about and practice the four steps to a successful negotiation: Prepare: Plan Your Negotiation Strategy, Negotiate: Use Key Tactics for Success, Close: Create a Contract and Perform and Evaluate: The End Game.

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Mandarin Chinese Level 1

Mandarin Chinese Level 1 will introduce you to the basic language skills you will need to eat, live, and get around in Mandarin speaking countries, building your confidence to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and friends in Chinese. 

If you enroll in the verified track, you will be able to participate in the Webinar lectured by Dr. Estella Y. Chen, who will lead the discussion with a wide variety of popular topics to accompany you to the world of Chinese business culture and trend.


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