Looking for a job? Here are some companies that are still hiring (and the jobs sound brilliant)

There are a number of companies that are still hiring.

As a result of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs in this country, and millions more throughout the world. It is, of course, a difficult time for so many as a result. However, in the face of so much bad news, there is some hope. 

While many companies have had to let staff go, temporarily and otherwise, there are a number of businesses that are still actively hiring. And so, we wanted to share a few of them with you, in the hopes that you may find yourself a new and exciting role during all this uncertainty.

companies that are still hiring

Growth Marketing Manager, WooCommerce

In this role, you will develop and implement strategies that drive growth across the entire customer journey, wielding both marketing savvy and technical expertise!

The best bit? This isn’t your typical work from home job. Everyone works from the location they choose. They’re spread out all over the world in more than 70 countries. They track about 70 percent of our projects on P2-themed WordPress.com blogs, 25 percent in private chat rooms, and the rest on Slack. Because of the geographic variance, the company is active 24/7. They care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in. 

Interested? Check out more about the role here


The lovely folks at FREE NOW! are looking for lovely new taxi drivers.

As a licensed taxi driver you will have access to a career where you can earn a very healthy income. Demand for taxis in Ireland continues to grow so there’s more than enough work for new drivers.

There aren’t many professions out there that offer you the same flexibility as being a taxi driver. As an independent driver you get to be your own boss. You can choose your hours and what days you work. It’s all your call! (Sounds good to us).

companies that are still hiring

Product Manager, Privitar

This is a career-defining opportunity: we are looking for a Product Manager to help bring to life Privitar’s vision of a world where privacy technologies allow every organisation to unlock the analytical power of data while respecting the privacy rights and expectations of individuals.

You will determine the future of bringing the brand’s leading-edge privacy technology into the most advanced data and cloud platforms available on the market (AWS, GCP, Azure, Confluent, Collibra, Cloudera, Snowflake, Databricks to name a few). You will shape a strategy that will ensure that Privitar remains ahead of the trends and innovations in the data engineering and analytics world so that we can build the right products that will solve the future needs of our customers. 

Founders Factory/ Meander

Founders Factory are looking for an ambitious and entrepreneurial individual to join them to support many different areas of their business operations for six months. This is a unique chance to work with a dynamic team and dig into what it really takes to build a business from its early days, and report directly to our founder and CEO. They will need someone who isn’t afraid to jump right in and support wherever needed: a fast learner with a proactive growth mindset who will thrive in an environment of changing priorities and high momentum.

This is a junior role with a lot of opportunity for growth and mentorship, working alongside trailblazers in the startup community. It is ideal for a recent graduate or someone with a couple years of experience who is looking for a challenge to kick start an entrepreneurial career.

Good luck. 

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