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Browsing contentEvery week our content team publishes thought-leading content across our Amply partner network, powering open job roles and employer brands to global audiences, allowing professionals to find their dream jobs, and companies to find top talent. 

Here’s just a small slice of the content pie we’ve served up across the network this week; from a look at the best tech jobs for prospective or new parents, a clear-eyed view at unlimited leave schemes and learning how to leverage your skills to pivot your career, you can check those out below.

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The best tech jobs if you’re a new parent (or just thinking about it)

Congratulations! Not only because, you know, you’ve had a child (or, at the very least, are preparing for one, which is a major milestone in itself), but also because you’re part of the tech industry. You have the critical skills that businesses want and need, now more than ever, as Amply contributor Susan Armstrong discovers in her piece on our partner, UK Tech News

To win the most sought-after talent, tech companies aren’t just shouting about their vision and mission, flexibility and career path opportunities – they’re also offering competitive pay packages, which include generous parental leave policies.

Discover parent-friendly tech firms:

Unlimited holiday schemes sound like a dream — until you’re picking up someone else’s slack

Unlimited annual leave — it’s the dream, right? That’s the question Jobbio’s Senior Content Manager Kirstie McDermott is asking on our partner, The Next Web. On paper, unlimited holidays sound great. Such schemes are designed to help with employee attraction, retention, and wellbeing. But it’s not all good news, and there are a few things to consider before signing up to a new job where this is the paid time off (PTO) scheme. 

Find out the pros and cons:

Perfecting the art of the work pivot

Learning how to leverage your skills in new areas is key to professional success in a rapidly-changing work landscape is a skill in itself given the past few years. On our partner, Amply’s Publishing Director Rosaleen McMeel takes a look at the truism that in business, as in life, the one sure thing is change — and long-term success requires the courage to practice the art of the pivot. Whether it’s your career that’s floundering or your business, something’s got to give. But how do you ensure you make the changes you need to make without seeming flaky or unreliable?

Get the strategy here:

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