Journal du Coin to connect companies with top tech talent through Jobbio’s Amply Network

By March 16, 2023Other

Journal du Coin has joined forces with Jobbio’s Amply network to bring the best career opportunities to a valued readership. 

Today, we are pleased to announce a new partnership between Jobbio’s Amply network and Journal du Coin. Always at the frontier of tech news, Journal du Coin is proud to launch its new job board, sharing open opportunities with a tech-focused audience, helping job seekers find their dream job and employers to find the best talent.  

As a leading guide on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Journal du Coin strives to offer the widest media coverage to its readers, allowing greater discovery of the world of cryptocurrencies. This makes it a valuable space for companies looking to position their job vacancies and for ambitious tech workers to discover the best roles across the industry. 

Powered by Jobbio’s Amply network, this innovative new jobs board is bolstered by thousands of incredible tech jobs and offers a practical solution to the vast hiring challenges being experienced worldwide.

“Since 2017, Journal du Coin’s various networks have been at the frontier of the digital and financial revolution, which is why we’re proud to partner with Jobbio’s Amply network to launch our new jobs board,” said Journal du Coin’s CEO, Grégory Guittard. “This new curated job board will add further value to our readers to help them find meaningful careers in an industry they’re passionate about.” 

Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio, added: “Journal du Coin is a unique and highly reputable resource for those engaged in the fintech space, so we’re delighted to be able to bring our tech-focused job board to this switched-on readership.”

To start browsing or to get your job in front of millions of talent, click here.

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