Inside Jobbio: Lalit Pathak, Business Intelligence Manager

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This time, Jobbio’s Business Intelligence Manager, Lalit Pathak shares why data is always king in his view, and how he’s earned the nickname “Trouble” among his colleagues. 

Name: Lalit Vinay Pathak

Job title: Business Intelligence Manager 

Team: Business Intelligence 

Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunication, Master’s degree in data analytics, certified Salesforce Admin, Consultant and Architect. 

What was your career path to getting this job?

After graduating, I started my career with Accenture Solutions Private Limited, where I had the privilege of collaborating with multiple teams, gaining comprehensive exposure to the IT sector. I served as a senior software developer in the Business Intelligence team, working with multinational pharmaceutical and banking clients. 

I was keen to advance my skills, so I pursued a data analytics course in Ireland. While studying, I took on a part-time role as a sales assistant with Tesco. This experience was invaluable, enhancing and deepening my understanding of diverse cultures.

How do you think your previous roles led to this job?

My previous roles gave me a strong foundation in business intelligence, data management, and working with stakeholders. At Accenture, I developed skills in data warehousing and ETL processes. 

As a data manager at Jobbio, I managed Salesforce cloud, data migrations, data integration, data gathering, data visualisation which helped me transition smoothly into my current role as business intelligence manager. These experiences, along with my project planning, have greatly advanced my career.

How long have you worked at Jobbio?

I have worked at Jobbio for over four years.

What skills or characteristics do you value in your colleagues?

I value teammates who are trustworthy, and truthful. These traits create a supportive environment where we can work together effectively. I also appreciate colleagues who are proactive and share their knowledge, as it helps us all grow.

What do you do on a daily and weekly basis?

I work closely with the business development, sales, partnerships, marketing, content and finance teams to plan and assist on projects using data. I also handle external system integrations and data migrations. 

My responsibilities include consulting, administration, development, and architecting on the Salesforce Cloud platform. I create reports and dashboards for internal and external teams, gather requirements, document business processes, research third-party applications, and provide technical and end-user training.

What work-related phrase are you known for?

Whenever I visit my colleagues’ desks, they sometimes joke and ask if they’re in trouble because I ask a lot of questions. I believe my nickname is “Trouble”!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Anticipating questions has become one of my favourite steps before starting any project. Secondly, I love to use data insights to drive meaningful decisions and improvements. I enjoy the challenge of analysing complex data and transforming it into actionable strategies that benefit the entire organisation. I love collaborating with diverse teams and continuously learning the business and about new technologies. 

What’s the one thing you always do at work to help you succeed?

One strategy I consistently employ at work for success is staying organised, prioritising tasks, remaining calm in all situations and most importantly getting ahead of the incoming questions. I firmly believe in the power of listening; the more attentively I listen, the deeper I delve into understanding problems. Once I pinpoint the root cause, breaking it down into smaller components allows for exploring multiple solutions effectively.

What excites you about working in the tech space now?

The chance to be part of new developments and learn continuously. It’s thrilling to see how technology can solve problems and improve lives, and I love being a part of that journey.

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