brand ambassador

5 Tips For Being A Good Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador has a ton of benefits – it builds confidence, there’s flexible working hours, excellent networking opportunities and most importantly of all the merch. As such, brand ambassador gigs are coveted and companies have their pick of candidates. Find out what companies are looking for with our tips on being a good brand ambassador, featuring Jameson’s Sinéad D’Arcy.

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Retaining Open Candidates – The Everlasting Job Hoppers

dee-roundDee Murphy, Organisational Psychologist and our Expert in Residence at Jobbio, gives her advice on retaining open candidates. 

“The biggest risk with hiring passive or open candidates, is that they’re going to be terminal job hoppers, prone to itchy feet and always ‘needing a change’. The fears aren’t completely unfounded – the jobs market has taken dramatic twists and turns over the past decade. The reality is that people don’t have the same loyalty to companies anymore. The average job lifecycle of a Millennial is 2-3 years, after which they up sticks and leave for pastures new.

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