Silicon Markets: “We Have Chosen to Be a Broker That Adds Value”

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Silicon Markets is one of the many exciting startups that exhibited at the inaugural EXPAND London careers event. They have joined us at EXPAND London September hiring more Talent. The team of young and ambitious entrepreneurs met us in their East London location. We sat with the company co-founders Matthew Kirkham and Louis Bell to find out how Silicon Markets is establishing itself in the Fintech industry and what does it take to scale up.

What do you think Silicon Markets has that other companies don’t?

Silicon Markets is defined by our company culture. Everyone in the company really cares about creating and adding value to traders and investors. We have chosen to be a broker that ‘adds value’, not just one that facilitates transactions.

How is  Silicon Markets shaping the industry and what is the company vision?

We are on the quest of changing what it is meant to be a brokerage. We think that being a broker is about developing better solutions to utilise machine learning, algorithmic trading and other tools. It is important for us to be able to add value to all traders and investors regardless of their methodologies or risk tolerance – and to do it in a simple and intuitive way.


We have chosen to be a broker that ‘adds value’, not just one that facilitates transactions.

Tell us about your Jobbio experience. What made you turn to Jobbio?

We chose to use Jobbio after the frustration with trying to find high-level talent using standard job portals and recruiters. Finding talented individuals was often extortionate. We really like the multimedia features that Jobbio offers because they make every candidate’s profile much more engaging.

It simply can’t be compared to the outdated CV model which often isn’t indicative of the candidate’s potential. Thus, it is not surprising that we hired tech talent through the platform. The live Bio helped us as employers to see, not only candidate’s technical skills, but also their personality, which is important when you are trying to grow your team and find the right people.

What’s the biggest challenge that Silicon Markets faces right now?

The biggest challenge Silicon faces now is balancing acquisition of clients and growth with developing better technology and services for the future. Balancing resources is difficult at this stage, all of our employees end up wearing multiple hats. This is why it is so important to find and hire talent that are passionate about the company’s long-term vision and growth.

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