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It is a rare luck to be able to say the job description you just read was interesting. Either it is a hothouse of cliche phrases or it is an actual copy of the one you read before. In one word: boring. In many cases, the job spec is that first bit of information potential candidate communicates with. From nailing employer branding to showcasing your perks, there are many ways you can improve your spec. However, one of the most obvious elements of an outstanding job description is usually not taken too seriously – hello, the actual job title!

Whilst it is important to make clear what position you are trying to fill, it is also recommended to reflect your company culture in every touch point. What can attract the attention more than the unusual title fully corresponding to your business character? Here are six companies that got it right.

Job title: Head of Hotels

Secret Escapes is the UK’s biggest members-only website that runs best-in-market flash sales of four-and five-star hotels and holidays. On the way to reinventing travelling, this London-headquartered startup knows how to target and attract the best Talent who will be passionate about their job. The position is ideal for someone having a knack for contract and team management. You can be a contract manager anywhere, but only at Secret Escapes you are able to be Head of Hotels! Good news, the position is open right now.



Job Title: Developer Advocate

Building relationships within developer communities through learning, creating, sharing and helping others – this is a dream job! Nexmo provides innovative communication APIs that bridge traditional voice and messaging services with cloud communications. Surrounded by passionate techies, they know how important it is to keep the team happy. As a Developer Advocate you will learn about technologies and share your knowledge through talks, written tutorials, example applications and open source developer tools and libraries. Most probably you will nail programming jargon – yes, it’s a cool one. The job is up now but not for long!



Job Title: Hackathon Organiser

This isn’t another event organiser position – Global App Testing puts up hackathons for testers globally with companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify, King, and more. Your responsibilities will involve travelling, hustling late nights and working with amazing people – once in a lifetime job! If you are flexible and into tech, what better role would you find than putting together events where the next big thing might be born? Hustle your way to the industry tops, apply today.

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Job Title: Venture Builder

Now leading an accelerator sounds good but with so many of them scattered in and out of London, how to stand out with your job title? InMotion, transforming businesses in mobility and smart transportation, took care of it. They are not looking for just another head of accelerator programme but a Venture Builder. Building something is a pretty good feeling, isn’t it? See how your ideas materialise into viable products and help other companies to achieve the same. With this title you are definitely not going to be just another brick in the wall. Click to apply

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Job Title: Implementation Associate

Business development, sales, product… we’ve heard it all. As a platform building relationships between retailers and consumers, Yoyo Wallet needs all of the mentioned. Moreover, to ensure high-quality integrations and implementations they need someone incorporating different skills and who is savvy in business, commerce and other fields. This crucial role makes sure a company’s payment and loyalty network are well connected and incorporated. And it seems like Yoyo found a perfect title for such a jack of all trades. Apply here

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Job title: Home Service Executive

Is finding a needle in the haystack one of your favourite pastimes? You are one of a kind and Onefinestay want to hire you! The company is looking for a smart and detail-oriented person who can accurately record every last detail of their new homes, ensuring future guests have all the information they need to fully enjoy their stays. As a company believing in hospitality and real home experiences, Onefinestay makes sure the hire is also passionate about the whole home concept and ready to contribute to the handmade hospitality. You could be an inspector or fault-detector, but it is much better to hold the title embracing homes. Add this title to your CV.

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As a company, keep in mind that the position you are hiring for should not only explain the person’s responsibilities but also reflect your company values. If company culture plays an important role for you then recruit people who will contribute to it. Happy hiring!

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