A Day In The Life of Mehram & Martin Roots, Expede & yada

Martin Roots & Mehram Roots

Product Director   |   Managing Director

Expede IT Solutions Ltd. | The creators of yada

Tell us a little about your company – what do you do and why do you do it?

Our company is split into two halves. On the one hand, we have Expede that is managed by my dad Martin. They are the wise old owls, the seasoned professionals and the experienced IT Consultants that have worked predominantly in the higher education sector for decades. On the other hand, we have team yada, managed by me and made up of millennials and recent graduates that have a passion for live events, things that look slick and free WeWork cider (in that order – promise!).

Last summer when I graduated, my dad decided that it was time to build our own software so yada, the complete events app was born. In its simplest form, yada is a platform that brings people together. It enables collaboration and interaction between event organisers and their guests, and guests with each other.

A key differentiator is our LiveView feature – a projectable 360-degree view of the curated content (photos, videos, comments and ideas) for all to see before, during and after the event.

We have a 5-stage roadmap targeted at different market segments from a social, party and live events app through to a platform that will support educational establishments engage with their students. Each segment is something either yada or Expede are passionate about and we are growing both of these teams quickly as time progresses. We love what we do which is why we choose to do it!


What are the top three qualities of the people you hire?

The people we hire have to fit in with our team dynamic. We are an energetic and tenacious bunch that work as hard as we play. Being in a tech startup, particularly one focused on live events means that you have to be confident in speaking to people from all walks of life. One week we may be hosting a secret house party in Leeds and the other we could be exhibiting to Marketing Directors at the ExCel in London. You also have to be prepared to learn a lot and quickly because Expede have a lot of knowledge to share, so you want to soak up as much of it as you can when you see them.

What kind of a culture does your company have?

yada is an exciting fast-paced, high-tech and startup business that is really making an impression on the events industry and members of Expede have worked with huge, well-known establishments and continue to do so.

As a father-daughter duo, we are incredibly lucky to be supported by our team members because they work incredibly hard and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Our company culture is about bringing everyone’s ideas to the table and listening to them as well as helping them find and develop their personal passions, goals and interests.

What are the perks of working in your company?

The perks are in the people. Everyone has something completely different to bring to the team and there is a wealth of knowledge to learn from. By being split into two teams of generations that listen and appreciate each others intellect and ideas, we develop every day.  We also have a lot of fun and no two days are the same.

In short, if you are looking for a mundane Monday then I wouldn’t come and work for us.

What are the challenges your employees face?

The only challenge that our employees face is trying to juggle everything. We pack our days full of activities and there isn’t much down time but then if there was, we would find that pretty boring.

Any advice for people applying for a job in your company?

Be yourself and let your personality shine through. We are a loud group of people but we listen to each other so if you think you can stand your own and have lots of ideas and creativity to share then get in touch.

yada exhibited at our careers event EXPAND London. See their recap of the event and join the team by applying here.


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