What’s the Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Gotten?

By June 13, 2017For Talent

Regardless of our age, experience, current industry or role, we can always benefit from some helpful advice. Be it from a learned colleague or an irate parent a new perspective can be just the tonic for our career struggles. We spoke to some of the most insightful people in the Jobbio Community and asked them what’s the best career advice they’ve ever gotten…

Stephen Quinn, Jobbio CEO 

“Don’t wait for a promotion, make one happen.”

Take ownership of your professional fate. If you’re not moving up in your company look to yourself before going to your boss. Stephen says he doesn’t promote people, they promote themselves.

Maria Raga, Depop CEO 

“Success comes from experience and experience comes from failure.”

This should be painted on the walls of every startup. Sometimes it can seem impossible to overcome mistakes in your career but these hard lessons will be the biggest drivers of your success.


Andrew Small, Houzz MD

“Stay driven but be patient… your 20s are about learning as much as possible and positioning yourself.”

Working with people who will show you what excellence looks like is crucial in your career development according to Andrew – and we tend to agree!

Ruth Penfold, Shazam’s Director of Talent Acquisition

“Be yourself.”

For Ruth the biggest day of her professional career was when she stopped trying to emulate others and just became herself. Authenticity is key!


Steve Folwell, LOVESPACE MD

“If you’re going to do a job, do it properly.”

What’s the point in doing something half-heartedly? No point at all says Steve Folwell. Invest the energy or don’t waste your time.

Julien Deslangles-Blanch, General Assembly’s Regional Director, UK & Germany

“Never stop learning”

Education is about more than just school folks! No matter what role, company or industry you’re in, finding new ways to upskill and learn are central to your success.

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