Five Perfect Playlists to Inspire You Through The Week

By June 30, 2017For Talent

Welcome to your new soundtrack.

We here at Jobbio are completely committed to making your work life significantly more enjoyable, marginally more productive and massively more musical. Being realists, we know that there are times when inspiration dwindles so we’ve carefully curated some playlists for you to enjoy while you sail through the working week. From Monday’s pumping motivational mix to Thursdays throwback tunes, we’re sure we’re about to make your week a lot more magical.

Monday Motivation

Whether you love or loathe your job, getting out of a nice warm bed on a Monday morning is no easy task. Here to ease the pain is our Monday Motivation playlist.

Tuesday Bluesday

Look it’s the start of the week but at least it’s not Monday. Just mellow out and let the sultry sounds of the blues distract you from your mounting workload and incompetent peers.

Work Better Wednesday

Okay so it’s midweek and the sh*t is starting to hit the fan. On Monday and Tuesday you prided yourself in just coming to work. Today’s a day for concentration.

Throwback Thursday

You know what they say – TGINTWAYCIYIW (Thank God It’s Nearly The Weekend And You Can Ignore Your Insane Workload).

Friday Feeling

The sun is shining and the seconds are ticking down on the clock.  Embrace the joy with Jobbio’s Friday Feeling playlist.

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