9 Things Never, Ever to Reveal When You’re Job Hunting

By August 3, 2017For Talent

To get hired, you need to be savvy.

While it’s important to be honest and be yourself, there are a few things that your future employer definitely doesn’t need to know (your favourite karaoke song being one of them). Avoid spilling the beans on these nine points and you’ll be well on your way to a successful application. Happy hunting!

1. Don’t say how much you hate your current job

Now is not the right time to bitch about how much you hate Susan in accounts or Gary in sales. Your potential new employer does not want to hear you moan about workplace politics or the snide comment someone made at the Christmas party, frankly, they don’t have the time. If you are asked why you are leaving your current role just state that you are looking for a new challenge.

2. Don’t be desperate

Play it cool okay? The interviewer knows that you want the job or else why would you be here? There’s no need to try to prove how desperate you are with emotional sob stories or tales of failed interviews. Your employer just needs to know that you are passionate about the brand. They don’t need to know that your rent is due soon.

3. Don’t put all your cards on the table

If you are interviewing for a few roles at different companies there is no need for you to tell the hiring manager that. Keep other offers private and you will have more control.

4. Don’t say that this job is a stepping stone

Even though it might be. People naturally move on from jobs every few years but that is not what your potential employer wants to hear. They want to know that you aren’t taking this job just to get your foot in the door. Show them that you’re committed. 

5. Don’t tell them you’re nervous

Duh! Of course you’re nervous, that’s kind of the whole point of a job interview. Whatever you do, don’t apologise to your interviewer for your nerves. Fein confidence and hope that they don’t notice your trembling legs.


6. Don’t give insider tips on previous employers

Even if you didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement common courtesy means that you should not divulge private information about your previous company, especially if you are interviewing with a competitor.

7. Don’t reveal any real weaknesses

Lots of employers will ask you the golden question, ‘’What is your greatest weakness?’’ While they don’t want a phony answer like ‘’I care too much’’, don’t disqualify yourself from the role by listing a weakness that would stop you being successful in the job. Prepare this question beforehand and come up with an example of how you are trying to improve in this area.

8. Don’t reveal how unprepared you are

The only way to do that is to prepare and practice as much as you can in the run up to the interview. Don’t use phrases like ‘’I haven’t thought about it’’ or ‘’I’d rather not say’’ as this can make you sound completely uninterested.

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