Why Jobbio HIGHER Is Different to Other Careers Events

By September 5, 2017For Companies

When you picture a careers event, what do you imagine? A depressing conference room? Hundreds of people milling around in stuffy suits? Or companies with boring stalls and zero enthusiasm?

Now forget about all that because the Jobbio HIGHER event is going to be something completely different.

The event, which is taking part on 28th September promises to be a ”careers event like no other” with over 5000 talented tech minds gathering together in the heart of London. This is one event that you can not afford to miss.

Want more proof? Here’s why some of our participating companies think that Jobbio HIGHER is changing the game.

Louis Jauvin- Checkout.com

”From what I’ve seen so far, it seems more niche than other tech events!”

 Jobbio HIGHER is an event tailored to the UK’s leading tech companies and the people who want to work for them. We’re here to make sure that you get the most out of the event and have a chance to meet the real people who are leading the digital innovation.

Deborah Baldé & Ana Harris-Padley- Houzz

”Jobbio HIGHER gives us the opportunity to target a high calibre of  talent who have an interest in the tech startup world and are willing to engage with a community of fast growing tech companies.”

Jobbio HIGHER brings together the very best tech minds from all over the UK. If you’re looking to attract the right talent then you better bring your ”A” game.

If you want to get noticed, make meaningful connections, showcase your employer brand and manage talent digitally using the Jobbio app.

Pippa Jones-Feed Communications

”Jobbio HIGHER is targeted towards digital talent with a start-up feel that is fun and fresh.”

There is nothing boring about this event. We want to make the hiring process as enjoyable as possible for talent and companies alike. As a result, we want to keep things fun and exciting.  Network over drinks, get inspired by industry experts and mingle with the best in business. Most of all, have a great time.

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